¿Qué es el montañismo?

What is mountaineering?

I remember my mom's library when I was a little girl and how she loved adventure books. I was looking forward to summer vacation so I could read as many books as I could. That feeling of learning from the unknown seemed so incredible to me and years later I felt it when I started going to the mountains in 2016. I had […]

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Expedición Bicentenario: Huascarán 2021

Bicentennial Expedition: Huascarán 2021

The objectives As a tribute to the bicentennial, a group of Mountain Guides from Huaraz planned an expedition to Huascarán, the highest mountain in our country. We assist delegations of mountaineers and climbers from various parts of Peru and abroad with the aim of bringing a message of unity at a time when we have seen […]

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Jirishanca, intentos que valen la pena

Jirishanca, worthwhile attempts

On June 21, 2020 we celebrate Zenda's anniversary week with daily conferences on mountain topics via Facebook live. Zenda is a Mountaineering School to which I belong not only as a mountaineer, but where I apply my knowledge and experience in project management. For this event, I made a summary of the […]

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