Mi experiencia estudiando con profesionales de 26 diferentes países en la India – Parte 2 de 2

In this second part I will focus on the cultural experience in India.

During our evenings and weekends we had the opportunity to immerse ourselves in the culture of the country visiting emblematic places such as the Taj Mahal, the Red Fort, museums, temples and markets.

About the latter, you will say for sure, but I have heard that the markets are chaotic! Well, although they are crowded with vendors trying to attract customers, for me the experience of browsing in these places turned out to be unique and unforgettable. Flowing in chaos is fun.

In the temples we visited, the use of cameras was not allowed, which allowed for a deeper connection to the sites. The beauty of the temples and the energy they emanated were indescribable.

The Taj Mahal was undoubtedly one of the biggest impressions I had on the trip. Going through the red door and catching a glimpse of its majesty is without a doubt a must if you visit India.

I remember seeing in some videos that people said that it is quite common for foreigners to ask for photos and ask questions. Can you imagine the fuss that was made by 26 people from different countries at the Taj Mahal? It was a lot of fun and my classmates looked like celebrities.

The food has many flavors and the smells of the species are delicious. I bought many species to be able to cook later at home with the family.

Also, it is very spicy and personally for me it was difficult because I don't eat anything spicy. But luckily, they always accompanied the food with a yogurt-like sauce that lessened the spiciness.

There was always a vegan variety at the buffet, I loved how they garnished the tofu.

The last day of classes we had a cultural session where there were different numbers to show a little of our continents. One of my classmates from Jamaica is a professional musician in his spare time and he sang amazing. A group of professionals from Africa decided to do a dance. I was amazed at the energy they showed, the joy was very contagious. Also, we danced to Indian music guided by the contemporary dance students with whom we rehearsed the previous days.

I am very proud to have been selected as a representative of my country after having passed several filters, in the penultimate filter there were more than 100 applicants and finally 26 professionals were selected. I am very grateful to the Government of India for these opportunities which really change our perspectives.

Is the trip over and that's all? Of course not, now I am excited about the projects that I will be able to develop with my colleagues. I can tell you in advance that we are already working with a colleague from Central America on an initiative for my NGO that will be published in networks in the following months.

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