Slide I am Natalia, consultant in PMO’s and IT and innovation portfolios I am passionate about adapting best practices to make the projects we long for come true.
In 2014 I discovered the world of project management and I have not stopped since then because I consider that there are many challenges along the way and I enjoy learning from it.



being engaged in my actions and decisions



and discipline to give my best



showing respect towards everything that surrounds me



through active listening, integrity and ethics

Why start a website?


¿Por qué web?

Since I was a child I like to write about the topics that excite me. 
Therefore, in this space I seek to share content that will have two approaches: the first oriented to research according to various sources of knowledge, the second, in a virtual space where learning is shared y apreciaciones.



About me

I was trained as a Bachelor
in administration

being recognized for Academic Excellence by three institutions. I also have the certifications of PMP®,PMO-CP© , SAFe SA® and SMC™. 

I took an International Diploma in Project Management, a Specialization Program in IT and courses in Programming and Databases. 

I have worked for more than 7 years in project management in Project Management Offices (PMOs) applying frameworks such as PMBOK, Scrum, Value Ring, among others.

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Academic Excellence awards
Team of 2 winning projects of innovation competitions
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years in project management

I participate in initiatives

that I consider have an impact on society, which personally give me great satisfaction.

Por ello, he sido parte de iniciativas para empresas de diversos tamaños en áreas de innovación y TI, así como deportes y voluntariados.

Te cuento un poco más de cada iniciativa haciendo clic en los títulos de las imágenes.

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¿ What do they say
about me?

some of my coworkers relate experiences of projects where we were part of a work team.


You can count on me

I will be happy to read you, send me an email or complete the form. If you prefer to talk directly, I'll leave you my phone number and Skype.